We know a lot about steel

balustradaSteel is the primary building material for both houses and industrial buildings. We know very well how important steel is, we also know what possibilities it gives, because steel is not only technology, but also art. Prostal, the service and production company, dates back to 1977. 

From the beginning of company's operation we have treated the quality, precision of products and raw materials of the highest quality as a priority. In 1996, Maciej Polak stood at the helm of the company, enriching the offer and getting closer to individual client. Nearly 40 years of experience makes that we can be proud of not only many credentials from individuals, companies or public institutions, but above all the most reliable portfolio - orders executed and products made. They can be found at the national roads, buildings of various types and purpose, and private homes.

The recipients of our services reveive from us products of the highest quality. This consists of
both the technology used, professional and modern machines, certificates, as well as, passion, diligence and experience. However, we are distinguished by a completely different thing. We can listen. We learn about the needs of our customers. We are able to meet them, because each of the elements produced by us is made individually, in accordance with global standards. 

We like to combine steel with glass, being aware of not only the usefulness of this type of components, but also their intrinsic beauty. The durability and quality of our products are demonstrated in steel structures of shelters, production halls and sport facilities. Products for people with different needs, to whom we provide our services, are the evidence of individual approach and listening skills.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

work is a passion passion joy

We are ready to fulfill every order, we will take any and all jobs requiring high precision and complex technologies in the field of metalwork and welding.

realizationsthe result is the effect of quality is the goal

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